Sad world.

Hi guys, I had another blog planned for today. But I rescheduled. I felt like my complaints, my clothes or my whatever was not important. It is not important. Today I just want to share love.

After Paris, Brussels,… it was that time again. We woke up with the horrible news that over 20 innocent people lost their life. Each day people are killed for no reason. And whenever it is close to home we are brutally awaken by the fact that it also could happen to us. For people in the Middle East it can actually happen each minute.

We do not need to pray. We do need to act. Spread love and conquer the hate! Not only in Europe but all over the world. Terrorism, drugwars, trafficing, it kills daily. Innocent lifes are taken. And we do nothing.

Ok, we can not save an entire world, but we can spread a vibe! A vibe of love, positivity and compassion! Don’t be a racist, don’t be homophonic, be openminded!


Do not live in fear. Fear is not what we should show! We should show positivity and strenght!


My thoughts are with all of you!



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