A week in pictures

Hi guys, another week another lookbook from my life! Guess you will notice I bought loads of new clothes. Well why not? It was time to invest… in timeless pieces! Guess what? I bought all from my favorite brands!

French connection please

When you feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear.. go for stripes! You absolutely can’t do anything wrong with stripes! You create this amazing Parisian vibe. I found this timeless piece from French Connection and absolutely adore it! I loved it so much that I actually both a second one.



I have a thing with “long sleeves” lately. Ideal to wear under a kimono, blazer, but also great to wear to work! Always better than a regular tshirt.


And this last one was too funny! I could not just leave it in store!


Co couture as a plus
The following items are from co couture! An amazing Danish new brand that offers great quality for a fair price! Love it!
I was looking for a bomber already a few weeks, did not want to spend too much and then this one popped up!

And that sweater! Seriously, how can you not love it? The color, the birds and you should feel it! It is so soft! I actually hope it will no be too hot for the following weeks.
Both of these items are timeless because I know I will wear it a million times.



Guess you can ser my style switches from tomboy/street to Parisian! I actually believe this is the best way to dress for me. I am not a girly girl. But I was planning on starting to wear dresses again! Haha let’s hope that next week I can show you some dresses. I still need to get a bit more confident to wear dresses!


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