Life is better in Pink

No boring black tattoos this time. Today we are looking at some amazing pink tattoos! Because life is better in pink.
Discover the most amazing full pink or almost full pink tattoos in this blog.
All pictures are from pinterest.

Flamingos are hot and happening, hooked on those cute little birds like me.. well thennyou will love this piece of work. Ideal for all ladies who love to it a bit more special. The vibrant pink looks amazing on a tanned skin! It is the way of getting a summervibe just by looking at your own tattoo!


The following piece is even a bit more special. It’s a pink mandala. Ideal for those who love mandalas but would love it more subtile than a regular black one. You will notice that this one actually a bit less “in your face.” So if you are still in doubt a pink version might be the solution.


And yes flowers can’t miss in this post. The watercolortechnique is ideal for these kind of tattoos. I absolutely love the realistic part of these tattoos. Flowers are timeless, they do not have to mean anything, they can just be pretty. And those regular roses, we have seen them all, time for something new!



Nice thing about these pink tattoos is that they make boring design instandly more awesome! A normal design is more special when it’s completly in pink. Just because it’s not seen that often it’s already a better choice! Because honestly having the same tattoo as somebody else is not that pleasant.


What’s your favorite tattoo in this post? I fell in love with the mandala. I would love to have a mandala but often they are soooo big. This one is ideal for me. Perhaps on my back. Oh and yes that flamingo… yes that one is also amazing.


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