Curves, and what if you hate them

Curves, you can hate them, you can love them, but when you have them you have to deal with them. Honestly I have a real hate-relationship with my curves. I feel like my ass and my boobs hold me back a lot. I do not like them at all. I can not wear my favorite style, they are not actually sport friendly, they make me look fat.

They make me look fat. There I said it. This is the biggest issue I have with my boobs and legs. They make me look fat. I can repeat it a million times. But I can not change them. I could get rid of them with surgery, but first it’s not worth the investment and the risks. So I am trying to get rid of them with exercising, minimizing bra’s.. . I am jealous when people loose weight on their chest. Ok, I feel like a complainer right now.

Curves are “embraced” nowadays. And how hard I try, I do not seem to succeed in “embracing” them. They keep on bothering me. Why do I adore skinny people and why do I seem not able to get that fantasy out of my head. During the whole recovery process I always ended up wanting to be thin. Still. I feel amazing when I am able to run 10K, I feel amazing that I see my body become more strong. But I also want to loose my curves please.

So that’s when I thought, I do not need to embrace them because everybody else does. I just have to keep going. Exercising makes me feel good, one day I will succeed in loving my body.  But right now, I do not embrace my curves. I embrace the strength I have to push me for running 10 K 3 times a week. The strength to go boarding all day long! So thank you persistence for not letting me down!



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