Time off

Hi guys, I had awefull days at work so I took some time off. I am now resting at home and when you read this I will be in Amsterdam for the weekend. Looked forward to this trip for a while. I am in desperate need of vacay.

While I only have a day to relax I decided to clean up my garden and enjoy some sunshine. I really need to get more days off. I guess it will not be easy. During the years I noticed that I am somehow not made for a normal routine.

Jobwise I hopped for one stupid thing into another.. in the end I never found satisfaction,felt depressed and actually got the feeling that I am not capable to function as others. Perhap it’s just the sector, but I cleared my mind and decided to go for something completely different. Motiviational letter ready, Cv updated and let’s give it a try. I will send out my “copywritingskills” and hope to be able to find my passion.

Time off can be somewhat all you need to realise if you have to keep on going you need to make changes. I don’t know if I actually can manage to get another job but I am going to give it a try. Life’s to short to be unhappy.

And perhaps it might sound stupid but I still need to work at least for 39 years or so I want to do something I like. I am tired of fights and shit. I want more freedom and I can’t have it at the place I am right now. I guess sometimes you need to have eyeopening moments and this is mine. Logistics au revoire, not wanting to see you ever again!

I will share my journee with you guys!! As I am scared of failing I did not even dare to send out my CV and letter. My boyfriend tries to convince me ☺️ and tells me to “give it a try”.


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