Set goals and discovere these running facts

My running adventure is going great. After hitting 10k I was already superexited. Now I set new goals and try to reach for the stars. Here are new running facts that I discovered.

Running is addictive
Yes and I admit I still find it hard to keep on going but honestly I can not imagine no being able to run. I run each 2 days and I feel like I am already hooked on that pattern. If I could I would run each day but my muscles need some rest.

Running clears your head
During my run I feel free. I have the power to keep on going without being held back. It is just me, a playlist and the woods. My mind is set on the run and nothing else. Time, I do not keep it in mind. If I am late for work because I ran more… so be it.

Motivation is made by goals

Each run I have a goal. That amount of miles, finish within a certain time. Sometimes I even crush my goals. Each week I want to increase my miles. Not by big distance but small steps. So failure will not be that bad.

The runners high it does exist
I was in doubt of it at first. Because whenever I ran 5k I never felt it. But after hitting 8k I had a feeling that I could run even more. Sometimes I believe it is also caused by running in the woods. Especially in the morning the scenery takes my breath away. Some peace before hitting the rush of everyday life.


And guess what, today I crushed 12k! I felt so happy! My face was red, I was tired, I needed to stretch but woooh I was so happy! I really need to download runkeeper because it’s a better way to track my progress 😀



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