Can’t stand me now

If I have to describe how I feel in 4 words:

Tired as fuck

These words are rather strong yet they do not say anything. For the moment I have the feeling some people ” can’t stand me now.”

But actually I can’t stand them either. I am tired, tired as fuck, scared of the future and blamed. It seems to be rather easy to blame the ones that do not fit in.


The last days I feel like all the energy is stolen from me.
The more I tried to become normal, the more unhappy I became. Actually I was happy for a while but the world always kicks back.

How many tears I shred the last days, just because people expect you to be
happy. I do not always feel as amazing as I should. Perhaps people do expect everybody to have the same capabilities as others,but this is so wrong. We do not deal with situations the same way.

Do I write this for a reason? I do not know. I do know is that it’s hard to live in a world where you seem different but you try so hard to fit in.


2 thoughts on “Can’t stand me now

  1. Be yourself. You are unique. Don’t be conformed by what the world expects of you. Most of it is a lie in any event. Instead focus on who you want to be. That’s the road you should take. Let you dreams and hope transform you. Transform don’t conform.😊

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