A place for my head

Relax. Breathing in. Let go off the stress. Breath out. Stoked.

My mounth wants to start screaming… but I can’t. The words are going around in my head like crazy. The bad words. Dark moments.
I manage to keep calm on the outside. Try not to curse. Try to maintain a serious face. My inside is screaming.

5 minutes.

A break please. Just leave me alone for 5 more minutes. Do not call. Do not disturb. Let me be.

All I want is to take a break. A place for my head. Relax a little.
My boyfriend started building an outdoor place were I can relax. Old pallets, pillows and loads of lavender are the ideal ingredient to relax.

My head can relax. I can breath. The mind is clear, the words find place. All my needs are taken care off. You do not need to be rich. Sometimes all you need is old wood, flowers and pillows. The more I lay in my place the more I relax.

Summerevenings are more beautiful when I lay here watching bees, hear birds and pet my cats.



Can I lay here for a couple of days to find my old self again? Just until the bad days are over. Apologize for the darkness, but it is a part of me.
Close to nature I feel at my best. Far from the busy routines of life.

I am even thinking to do some yoga here tomorrow. I mean nothing can be more perfect. Unless… more flowers! πŸ’–

Do you have a place for yourself? What do you do to relax? Have you ever feel like work is killing you and you are absolutely dead after the day. I feel like that all the time, so this place is ideal.

Working from this place would be ideal. Offer me a homejob please… πŸ™ŠπŸ’–


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