Lush, over and over again

I absolutely love lush and especially their bath bombs. This lovely Over and over has to be my favorite.


Over and over pops out with its 2 colors. This bath bomb has a citrus like smell, you probably thought it would not relax you. This thought I left behind and I tried to give it a go. Admit it the orange does attrackt you and well lemon is always a good idea.


When you use the bath bomb the scent of the fennel oil pops out. This is combination with the lime/citrus smell is a real winner. Relaxing? Yes! And when you see the pink color, you know it is definitely one you will buy again. It is one of those few bath bombs who could impress me.



The cacao butter really does a great job moisturizing your skin. This is one of those rich bath bombs. You can be sure this is also the reason why I love the Over and Over bomb. Not only for the nice smell, relaxing moment but also for the moisturizing of my skin.



The moisturizing effect comes from the unique feature that this bath bomb is half bomb half melt. A bath melt is packed with oils ment to moisturize your skin. I love them. Most have a strong smell and they only cost half as much as a bath bomb.


Over and over is my favorite so far. The orange oil did leave my bath with orange layer but I did not mind it that much. Let’s say it’s an amazing product. Real must try and it will surprise you! Not only the smell of the fennel and lime, but also the moisturizing powers. Most people think it has a smell of lemsip and it also reminds them of the roller. This last one is the first bath bomb made with a bath melt part.


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