Your body can do amazing things

Set goals, crush them and set new ones. After hitting 10 K I had to set a new goal and I was so surprised that I actually already reached it. Read all about that story right here!

Your body can do amazing things

What amazed me even more was the fact that your body can actually do the most amazing things. Yes after struggling with bad body image for years the more I ran the more I lost that image. For a while I was only focussed on the bad, the fat, the curves. Now I am so happy to have a body that can just reach 15K! At ease! Yes this last one is such a great feeling. I ran 10 K easily. At this point I can honestly say that long distance running is my thing. I am not the fastest, sometimes I feel like a turtle, but I do not quit.


15 k and a whole lotta love

Yes. Love, love for my body, my legs, my feet, my stomach. Well that has been ages. The day after hitting 15 K I would have expected to feel sore, but nope. Nothing. Just still a bit a runner’s high. Could you imagine me saying that I love my body one year ago? Me absolutely not. The fact that I can reach goals and crush them really is the most and best part of it all. When you have the feeling of failing in the real world and you can still reach things in your private life,.. well it just feels amazing.

Half a Marathon

Do I dare? Do I dare to set my goal even more high. Try to go for 21K. Well first of all, it would be something I have never did before. But neither have I expected to start to love running.  Let’s say we will go for 17K first. The only hard thing about this is trying to find a nice environment to run this distance.

Have you ever been amazed by the things your body can do?
Feel free to share!


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