Lush, ickle baby bot

Another bath bomb that I love is the Ickle Baby Bot. With lavender, chamomile and sandelwood this little robot will awaken you inner zen! Yes this blue guy is ideal to relax after a long day.

Ickle baby bot
Meet this small baby robot who will wash away all your worries. Not only does he look good, he also reveals an amazing scent. Ideal to relax, or to make sure your kids will fall asleep easily!


You might think he is too tiny but actually, he is ideal. The size does not change the fact that you are as new after using. The bath bomb is designed for children, to help them fall asleep. So do not expect too much. The scent is mild, it will not moisturize your skin like others but it did relax me.



Did you try it and you were somewhat dissappointing, you might need to use 2. Because as I already told you, it’s a mild one. I however find it nice to have a cheap bathbomb that I can use. Honestly I did not mind it being rather boring or less coloring. I was relaxed when I came out my tub. Whenever I need to have color or moisturizing needs I will use the over and over bath bomb. Totally different than this ickle baby bot. Read all about this one, right here.
Another plus: this robot is vegan!


I have been thinking to combine this ickle baby bot with the lavender bubble bar. This has to be the ultimate relaxing combination. As I am really easily stressed I try to have as much lavender products as possible!

You can already guess what I will buy next time I visit a lush store!
Did you already tried this little guy???? Liked it? Or did you find it too soft?


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