Heatwave – wear

Hi Guys, since a few days the weather hits over 30 degrees, sounds like real fun yes? Well actually it also means sleepless nights, mosquitoes and not feeling comfortable in anything you wear. Well I can not cure a sleepless night but I wanted to give you some details in how to be fashionable during the heatwave. In today’s post you will discover the best heatwave-wear.

Heatwave-wear for everyday

As a fan of shirt and maxi dresses you can immediately imagine what you will see pop up. I am a huge fan of both because they are so easy to wear. Maxi dresses are chique and you will just look more glamorous without trying. Combine the dress with flats. They are so much more pleasant to wear in hot weather. One of my favorite shirt dresses has to be this one from French Connection. They are really a brand that has a lot of awesome shirt dresses. And if in doubt, I always go for this one.

How I wear it

I combined it with a classic slip on. Ideal to go on a citytrip, or to a bar. I would even say this dress is office-proof.


Then you have the maxi dress. I have 2 a more casual one and a more chique one. The casual one is a striped dress from Co Couture. The more chique one is again from French Connection.  When you do think a maxi dress is too much, ignore that feeling. If you go for a neutral color or stripes it is never overdressed. A maxi dress is ideal to hide your legs. Yes this is the reason I love them so. Think you are too short? Skip that feeling immediately. I am only 162cm and I rock them each summer.

How I wear it

This Co Couture dress is ideal for a family visit, restaurant visit, day in the city. Easy to combine with slip ons, sneakers or a sandal. Oh yes you could go for heels, but you know that’s not my thing.


The next one has to be the best piece in my dressing it’s the French Connection dress. It was a more expensive purchase but the best one ever. I do wear it for weddings, dinners, just strolling around. When my body-image needs a boost…. this one saves the day.


What about jumpsuits?

I actually own one. I wear it sometimes, but it’s not my favorite thing. It’s not easy to wear. Honestly when it’s hot and you have to go to the bathroom you have to undress completely. You know what it’s ideal for, bikeriding. Or when you have to go somewhere you know you will not pee. Ok, point taken.  The short version? Always difficult, it’s about how confident you are in your skin. I am not a fan of shorts, I do believe they only look good on Gigi or Moss. Just my point of view guys! Don’t take it too hard :).

Heatwave-wear office proof

For this part I had to go search on “pinterest” for pictures. I always go for loose pants whenever the weather is over 25°C. Skinny jeans is not your friend on hot days. If you wan to go for a dress make sure your not overdoing it. It’s work, not a restaurant visit or a day in the city.  A dress too short might not be appreciated.

A loose pants combined with a tucked in shirt is ideal. It really looks amazing. Look at these pictures. Go for light colors like white, grey, beige. Or pastels, now is the moment to wear them.

You really have to search for the best fabrics that breath. Think cotton, tencel blend, linen and light wool. Go for a loose fit, ideal is that you even have room underneath your arms.  I have a few linen shirts from Zoe Karssen and they are a blessing on days like this. I am still looking for the perfect heatwave proof pants.

If the office has an airco, wear a scarf or cardigan that you can take off when you leave. Drink a hot beverage as it will cool down your body after. Wash your wrists with cold water on the toilets.

And what do you think of these heatwave-wear options? Like them? Have fun searching for your perfect wear guys!


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