Vegan Nice cream

Because this weather screams ice, because I want to avoid dairy products, because animals are our friends… I preseny to you Nice cream.

A refreshing dessert to snack any time of the day! Nice cream has the refreshing effect of real ice cream but is made from fruit. No bad calories, just loads of vitamines! Oh and it’s diary free so it’s veganproof! Guess what it’s even great for breakfast, just add granola or muesli and your breakfast will be a refreshing moment.


All you need:
– a blender
– frozen fruit
– soy yoghurt or other plantbased yoghurt
– coconut flakes

How do you make nice cream:
– first you add the yoghurt in the blender
– next up you add frozen fruit. I absolutely love a combination of blue berries, mango and peach.
– mix it all until you have smooth mass

I never measure this dessert, I just add things. Sometimes I add rice milk, when it’s too heavy. Other times I add more fruit when it’s too liquid!
Trial and error.

Add different toppings such as chiaseeds, cocoanibs or frozen fruits.
Do you really like it sweet? Add agave sirup.

Other great combinations are:
– frozen bananas and raspberries.
– frozen bananas, cocoapowder and a table spoon of peanut butter
– if you like matcha you can always add it. If you combine it with bananas it is not that bad.

Have you ever tried making nice cream? It’s is really easy and refreshing! Want to impress guests? Just simple add eatable flowers!


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