If you never try

If you never try:

– you will never know
– you will never be able to look back
– you will not grow
– you will not fall but neither will you learn from the past
– you will keep on wondering forever
– the “what if” will hunt you
– you will never learn


The best things never happen within your comfortzone. A life without risk is the most boring thing, you shoul be able to try… because well you never know how amazing the future can be. Sometimes you have to be rebellious and fight the system. Why? It just is!

Risk it all… well I often dream about selling my house, starting to become a nomad. Life a different life each 6 months. I am easily bored to routine and the thought of not being able to escape just kills me. I need my freedom and I do not have it at the moment.

Just a life without worries, working without being scared of the future. A plan b of returning. Leaving. Oh what a pleasure it would be. Leaving this damn country and just see the world. Sleep in Italy, Australia, Norway, Canada, France, Peru…

I feel like a romantic soul sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who has this thing. This strong desire to discover. To learn and to live. Freedom. Ow how I would enjoy being able to do what I like.

Did I already travel a lot? I do travel a lot,but I did not see the world as I would dream of it. Sometimes I just want to scream to my boyfriend and tell him about the Seychelles, Banff, Bali, …

What a dream it would be to travel the world without a single care. Just to discover, write and take pictures.




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