Collect moments. Not things.

Hi Guys! Weekend mode on, time to discover! This weekend I will be heading to Maastricht once more to do some necessary wandering. I always feel inspired in other cities and I need to get away. “I want to travel” but my bankaccount screams “no you can’t”.I actually came from far but I am ready for the next step in my life.

” Collect moments. Not things”.

With a life of less you will become more aware of everything you have. The need to not follow trends, hypes and own things can liberate the mind and set it free. It is actually a part of a more minimalistic lifestyle. If I look back at my past I was always really intrigued by fashion. I wanted to have loads and loads of clothes, dreams of Chanel, Gucci, Prada, it was actually who I am. But one time my boyfriend told me “what if you could actually travel more.” “Would it not be better to stand on top of the mountain than to own Chanel”.


Change of heart

Part of me, knew that he was right. Part of me screamed for adventures. Still I do find it hard not to buy a pair of pants I love, or soaps or shampoos. Recently I started to slow down on my shopping. I want to be more aware of things I already own. Or create myself. I actually made a scrub (instead of spending over €10 at Lush). I have only both one dress this season. I have a wedding and I need NO new bag, I just need a pair of pants that I can wear the entire year. Something black, something easy… you know. It is still hard I admit. I was a shopaholic, we do not change that overnight.

To wander is to live

Perhaps a part of me just wants to escape from the boring reality. I used to find my escape in clothing, fashion, .. buying would ease my soul. But being and home and starting to rethink made it all clear. I just bought stuff because I was unhappy. I did collect things, and I want to change; I want to collect Moments! Places and dreams!



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