How to recognize stress.

HI Guys, today I am in the half of my ooto. You can read all about it here! Ready to tell you all the signs that you can not ignore. How can you recognize stress and what is the thing you need to do. Stress might be a sign that you are heading to a burn out and if there is one thing you should avoid… Ok, it does not necessary mean you have a burn out, but you have to listen to your body.

The body will inform you

Our body is the most important thing. We only have one. Nothing can inform you better than your own body. And believe me when you already feel physical complaints it is time to do something!

First you will suffer headaches, most of us will just ignore them and take a pill. But hold on, an aspirine a day? Not ok. Stress headaches often start from contractions. Stressed people often have their muscles contracted. Pain between your neck and shoulders often is the reason for your headache.

Second you will eat less or more. Yes this depends all on the fact that you are an emotional eater or not. For some reason I felt more like eating unhealthy food. You will have to force yourself to work out because you are always tired.

Always tired, yes, no matter how many hours you sleep. You are tired. Forever.  And when it’s time for bed you can not sleep. If you slept well, you are still tired when you want to get up.

Vague complaints will be another sign. Losing hair, acne, dandruff, stomach pain, gastro-intestinal problems. This was when I went to the doktor. I did not recognize my own body anymore. I was never ill, now I felt bad every single day.


Yes sadness. Anger, negativity, not necessary a depression but you could start to become depressed. If you feel stressed every single day a depression or burn out might just be the next step! Meaning you are forced to stop working for a long time and this is not worth it!

How to recognize stress and what to do

You now learned how to recognize stress. Listen to your body, always tired? Vague complaints? Headaches? Go to see your doktor!

My advise, take time for yourself. I will never let them push myself this far again. I will never let my job take over from the things I love. Working out and yoga are important to me. Overtime not so much. I will stop in time in order to be able to take time for myself. This will not be the thing your boss wants to hear, but you don’t have to tell him. Schedule your workout in your workweek. Subscribe to workout classes that you can not miss.

Breathe it out! Yoga relieves stress because you are focused on your breathing! Inhale with the nose, exhale through the mouth! It’s a natural way to lower the stress in your body. Take 30 minutes each day to breathe relaxed!

Another thing that I love to do is to just walk. Walk in a town, walk in a forest, take a moment to find the beauty in the world. It will be a way to say no to the negativity! LEARN TO SAY NO is also important. It will be a reason why you have more time for yourself.

I also have a stress relief stick from pure-essential at work, I have bach bloesems rescue spray. But I also learned that no matter how many lavender your plant you also need to learn to say NO. People will find it difficult. Your boss will not like it. But you are forced to work until you are 70. You don’t want to be at home each year with a breakdown.

Learn to say No. Learn to place yourself first. It might sound like a true egoistic thing to do. People always tend to tell “I do not know why you are this weak”, ” I can do 3 jobs”, “burn outs don’t exist”. Ok let them.  Not everybody is mentally a strong one.




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