Lush, something pink “Pink peppermint”

Hi Guys, today I wanted to share some new products that I have tested this month from Lush. First I both the new Montalbano shampoo bar and my second purchase was the Pink Peppermint. This last one is a foot lotion, so needed on these hot summer days.
Do you want to know if these products are worth the purchase? Keep on reading. Today I will tell you everything about the Pink Peppermint footlotion.

Something Pink

Last month the temperatures already hit 30°C and my feet starting to show the first signs of well needed care. Blisters, warm running shoes, sweaty conditions they do not assist in the goal of having fresh feet. I absolutely hate sweaty feet! After a long day I can really enjoy fresh water and soap to clean my feet. But I noticed they needed some “cool down” assistance. My feet were swollen from the heat, bits of loose skin and they did not had the best look.

In Amsterdam I decided to buy this Pink Peppermin Footlotion from Lush. This lotion is packed with cocoa butter, peppermint and spearmint. Your foot will cool down immediately. I have been using it for a month now and I have no more loose skin. I use it before going to bed and it smells so refreshing. You really don’t need much for your feet so this jar will last a long time.

Would you buy it again

In my opinion this foot lotion is a great purchase. I guess it really does a great job. I read online that it even is more refreshing when you store it in the fridge. Next I also found out that you can use it to moisturize scars. After surgery or an accident you just apply this lotion and the scar will be less present after a few months.  Another reason why I love this is that I often use the lotion to massage in on my calves after a workout

The color is also so amazing, it is a real pink, girly girl, color. Please note that it might give stains in your white sheets when you do not massage it in good enough. Tie dye for free. If you want a real moisturizing moment, just wear your socks at night after applying the lotion.

Plus: cools down, great moisturizer, can be used as a bodylotion
Min: the price (rather high), one jar cost around €17,50.


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