DIY Lush Bathmelt

Hi guys, another DIY today. I have tried my first Lush diy and I was surprised how easy you can make this bathmelt! Honestly I even want to start doing more Lush diy-things. Want to discover how to save money… keep on reading.

A bathmelt
Bathmelts are actually a moisturizing treat in your bath. Lush sells them for €3,96 and my favorite is you’ve been mangoed! I absolutely love the smell. Actually I believe that my diy can not replace the lush-version. But it’s so budgetfriendly!

All you need is :
A silicon mold
Essential oils- 15-20 drops
Coconut oil, shea butter or cocoa butter
1/2 cup of Baking Soda
Decorations as dried herbs, rose petals…

Mix baking soda with liquid coconut oil in a bowl. I added the amount of coconut oil needed until I had a smooth mass. You can also combine melted cocoa butter and shea butter. Next you can add 15 until 20 drops of essential oils.

My favorite smell is lavender so I bought lavender essential oils and I have added dried lavender as a decoration.

Pour the moisture in the mold and let it become hard again. When it’s too hot place the mold in the fridge. When they are hard you can start using them.

If you want to create a fizzing effect you have to add citric acid. I did not do this because Citric acid makes it more expensive and I did not have it at home.



As you can see the result is really cute. This is actually a thing I will do again. I am not the most handy person so as you can see this is really easy. No need to be a great diy-person!
I suggest if they are small you can easily use 2 for a large tub. You will smell the essential oils immediately!

Did you ever try this? Please share your diy bathmelt experiences.
Oh do you love lavender as much as me?


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