Foodies are getting Hoeked.

Hi guys, so last month a new hotspot openend in Antwerp and all foodies are actually hooked. Think I made a typo, no the place is called Hoeked Doughnuts and everybody is loving it!

Hoeked doughnuts is locate in the city of Antwerp just at the crossing of the Kammenstraat and the Oudaan. You can easily spot the shop because it has a funny bike parked outside with square wheels. Part of this already describes the name “hoeked” doughnuts. The doughnuts are not round as you would expect but square. Not that it makes them less jummy.

The first doughnut I tried was the “milli vanilli”. It was a vanille glazed doughnut with pistachios. The taste is much better than a regular doughnut from any other store. The owners have made these babies more fluffy, soft and healthy than a regular doughnut. If you take just one bite you will understand what I try to explain here!


I went back to have another taste. Not the same day. Running would be a complete waste if I ate two. Second time I took the doughnut with custard aka the ” hoeked on Berlin”. It is a brioche with powdered sugar and nothing but custard. Delicious! I absolutely wanted to try this one because I believe that great custard is rather rare. This one is perfect!


My friend went for the pink cute option. The name escapes me but I do know that she absolutely loved it. The fact that is has this huge instagram-power is also a big plus for all the influencers out there. I mean… how cute is this fucker?


Hoeked doughnuts are here to stay. They are the answere to anybody who is tired of eating cupcakes. Anybody who wants a real jummy soft doughnut and they offer a big range of flavours. Matcha, raspberry, saturday specials, cinnamon,… yes you have to pass several times in order to try them all.

For more details go to the website here!


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