DIY healthy Ice Tea

Hi freaky people that make the beauty of the world… today I like to present the most easy way to make a healthy soda! It’s time for a diy healthy homemade ice tea!

Summer means that your hair gets lighter, skin gets darker.. and you need a refreshing drink. After a long day or hard work out your have this craving. You want something like a soda. A sprite would feel so good. But I know a better solution. A more healthy solution! No sugar,no coloring. All natural ingredients! The more diy, the better sometimes. Actually this is so easy it does not feel like DIY at all!!!!

Healthy ice tea

All you need is the following:
A large can
A lemon or 2
Tea (fresh is the best option)

So it is already easy and you don’t need loads of ingredients.
The amount of tea you will need is around 7 grams for 1 liter of water. I always use green tea. The name of the tea is ” china gun powder”. Sometimes I add a bit of other tea.

Add water and lemons and leave overnight. I love the fresh taste and it is really refreshing. Believe it or not this will wake you up even better than a great coffee.

Even after a hard workout this is the best rehydration drink. Make sure you keep it in the fridge.

If you want you can add mint to make it really refreshing! Perfect to serve guests. Just add mint and a piece of orange. You can actually add all fruits you like.

Did you already tried this yourself? Most bars of caffees will add sugar. I actually believe this is not necessary. If you take the right tea it will taste great. The lemon makes it less bitter. So sugar is absolutely not needed.



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