Cities and water.

It has this magic vibe, cities and water. Somehow I am very much attractes to cities with a river or canal. Amsterdam, Maastricht, Antwerp, London, they make me dream. I feel at home… i wrote this because I wanted to share something beautiful. Something you can visit for free. A place that might inspire you as much as it does inspire me.

Last weekend I took this picture in Antwerp. It just makes me dream. Imagine living in a city with this view. Each single day. I guess you could say I love nature. A cabine in the woods, a house at the see, a small getaway in the mountains. All my lifegoals seem to have a nature-element in them. Antwerp is not just the capital of fashion. It’s also really beautiful!


After a few years I returned to Amsterdam and I immediately loved it again. Not the touristic thing, or the weed or the bars.. but the small canals with boats. The flowers, the trees, how the water became part of the city. And how amazing it would be to live here. Or as a getaway, a room would be enough. To become inspired again. To write with a coffee in my hand and a boat just passing by. I can’t wait to go back!



Long time favorite is Maastricht. With the old look, the cosy feeling, the friendly people. The paved roads, small streets and the lights at Christmas. Each time we visit this city I take a picture on the bridge. Each single time. It’s stronger than me.




And sometimes when I don’t want to see people. I go to the forest for a run next to the lake. I might love the city, I could no spend a week away from the forest. So relaxing.


What’s your favorite city with water?


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