The secret ingredient is Ginger

Hi Guys, lately I have making loads of juices, part of me wants to create the ultimate healthy combination and another part wants to become self-employed. So I have been doing a lot slow-juicing and I have to tell you the secret ingredient is Ginger. This root is more important than the entire family of superfoods together. Want to know why? Keep on reading.

Ginger to ease my throat.

The past days I have been really tired and I did not sleep well. The airconditioning at my job is really killing me. I am cold all the time and the air is so dry. This morning I woke up and barely could enjoy a morning juice. I decided to go for a quick fix. Boil water, take 2,5 cm of ginger, let it rest for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. When it was a bit colder I added some lemon-juice and I drank it as my breakfast-tea.

Ginger to empower the body.

Another great thing about ginger is that it speeds up the metabolism, so adding it to your favorite juice is actually losing weight while drinking. It helps you when you have digestion problems and decreases the blood pressure. Next it is ideal to beat menstrual cramps and fights the flu.

How to increase your ginger intake

I guess you already know why you have to eat ginger. I admit, the taste might pull you off and that is the exact reason why I add it in so many of my juices. Just because when you combine it with the right fruits and vegetables it taste perfect. I really found ginger not the most tasteful thing until I combined it. After this you can start drinking ginger tea. Another way of eating ginger is by adding it in soup. Carrot soup, pumpkin soup or a thai soap will taste delicious if you add some ginger.

Best combinations are: Ginger and pumpkin, ginger and carrots, ginger and apples.
If you think about it if you can combine ginger with a sweet-taste it will be great.




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