That was her magic, she could see the sun on the darkest days

Hi guys, after feeling bad for a few hours, like 24h or so, I decided to turn the page. Move on. I was fired yesterday and I cried a lot. I did not sleep and I did even wanted just to lay in bed all day. But somehow people reminded me of my magic. I used to be a real happy kiddo. All smiles, positive, rarely complaining. Somebody told me to search for the sun and I remembered.

That was her magic, she could see the sun on the darkest days.

No matter how hard it is to start over again, at least in a few weeks, I am still amazing! I can do amazing things. I am sweet, caring, I had friends at work. Although they wanted me to believe different. All the sweet words learned me that I was a pleasant person. Always laughing. And I don’t want them to take away my laugh!

So here I am, while I write this I am working out on my crosstrainer thinking about my fresh start. It will not be easy, but I will try. It’s not my fault that it did not work out at my current job. Because honestly when you act shitty to me, chances are high that I might start to do the same.

What goes around comes around.

And I want positive things to happen. So I will focus on a positive mindset. I will laugh, I will heal and I will find a new goal in life! My life can only become more amazing! Ha you might think I am too positive right now, perhaps. But I am done crying!

Oh and if I have a bad moment, I go for a walk, a run or a bike ride. Into the woods, where I can find my mojo again.



3 thoughts on “That was her magic, she could see the sun on the darkest days

  1. Hello Glitters,
    I am sorry about your recent circumstance. It really sucks to lose a job, but you are meant for more. I think it is good that you took some time to mourn the loss, but have decided not to let it get you down any longer. That’s not easy to do, but choosing to be positive and optimistic through the hard times will help you move forward better than anything else.
    You are on such a great track and I am cheering for you!

    ❀ Alana

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