Do more of what makes you happy

Do more of what makes you happy. It might sound so easy, but it is actually one of the most hard things ever. For some people it is even more difficult. I am a very sensitive person, so I need to focus on the positive things that happen. It is also a mindset, learning to say no, learning to go for the happy you. And this is what I did this week.
A bit of things that make me real happy. They are not expensive, they are not things. Most of them are moments. Whenever I feel bad, I just have to make sure that I go for one of those and I can become happy again.

Running for happy

Yes running makes me happy. Working out actually is a great way of fighting a depression and it’s superhealthy. When I was at my worst I just ran too much. I went from 10 K to 15 k for 3 times each week. I overdid it. Now I try to go for more short runs combined with Yoga and a movie on the crosstrainer. I listen to my body. I do not want to be tired from running 15 K and still have to start on my day. My favorite motivation to go running? A great playlist, the fact that my body changes and the woods. I love to run in the woods and just relax.

Look how I could capture the Komorebi – the sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees. It just really makes me happy.
Komorebi, a real nice view of a morning run that makes me happy

Oh and I love to work with Runkeeper. It’s free and you can keep track of your progress so easy. Seeing the progress is another thing that makes me real happy. And the workout-room is ready and light. I painted it entirely white. For a relaxing feeling and a more “spacious” feeling.


Food makes me happy

I sufferd from a real sore throat and could not manage to eat real food. I just went for icecream. Oh yes I did. Shame on me?! Not really, when you are sick calories don’t count. Actually food is another thing that makes me really happy. A coffee with my mom is another thing that I really love. She listens to me, when I told her all about my resent job-adventure. Read all about it here.  

Most of the time I focus on eating healthy but I do allow to treat myself. I had a time that I was mad at myself for eating sweets. But why should I. If you like something eat it. If you don’t like gaining weight, workout more.


Writing makes me happy

Do more of what makes you happy? I actually discovered that I love love love writing. Perhaps I should do it more often, as in, I have to find a job in which I can write. I guess it will not be easy. But I think it might be word to take the jump.

How do you try to make yourself happy?



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