Make up free days.

Although I love love love love to take of my skin including millions of products I do also love love love love make up free days. I do however feel a bit scared to show my bare face in some situations I do love to wear nothing.

Make up free, it feels so rewarding. Like ” look at me, I am a daredevil”. On the other side I do however feel naked, insecure and less pretty. In Austria I seldom wear make up. Each day is make up free. At work I don’t wear make up, I lost the power.

Somedays I only wear mascara and blush, those days I feel less naked but very confident. As my skin has pigmentation on some parts since a few months I do lost that confidence. I still don’t want to wear make up because I have to.

Your a lady.
Ladies like to be pretty and wear make up. I am a lady who loves to take care of her skin. But I love being natural. No big fuzz, no fake lashes, no fake brows, just a clean face with a natural glow. I do love to have a little tan, just because it hides imperfections. I always wear a high level protection due to my pigmentation, but you do get a color with spf 50!

Strange fact I did go out once without make up and I felt really happy when I saw another woman walking in without make up. It was like ” we are soooooo connected”. 🤔 I asked my boyfriend if he did find it less pleasant but he does not care at all. So the only thing I have to loose is the pressure. The pressure to be like the others.

What I do is rinse and clean my skin twice a day. I use Lush ultrabland, angels on bare skin, pere de noël face jelly, 9 to 5, eau de roma, dark angels and skindrink. I do not use all products at once. Most times I use dark angels or the jelly in the morning. The other products are for the evening. After rinsing I use skindrink in the morning and dr Organic night creme in the evening.Each week I try to scrub each 2 days and at least once a week I use a face mask.

Do you love to wear no make up or are you a real make up junkie?!


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