Boho Green Cosmetics mascara

Hi Guys, today I wanted to introduce to you this lovely make up brand that I discovered at My Dear beautysalon. If you want to discover more about My Dear, you should click here! Boho Green Cosmetics is a French make up brand that is ecofriendly, does not test on animals, it does not hurt your wallet and it has such a high quality.
This brand is rather unknown and that is why I wanted to share this with you!

Boho Green Cosmetics

Boho is a French brand that wanted to make a difference in the ecofriendly market. Most bio/all natural brands are rather expensive. You can pay a high price for make up if you want it to be as good as possible. Boho Green Cosmetics wanted to avoid this, it had to be budgetfriendly and still of high quality. Actually they have succeeded in their goal. The mascara I tested was only €13. Let’s be honest, a rather low price for a great mascara. Boho has over 190 products all in recyclable packages.

This picture is taken at the My Dear Beautysalon, here  is the link from the webpage.

boho green cosmetics at My Dear

Volume and green mascara

Whenever I discover new things I always feel the urge to test them, so I took the “volume and green ” mascara from Boho Green Cosmetics home to give it a try. I always wear mascara from Hema (around €5). The price is amazing, it opens my eyes, but the effect is not that amazing. Especially for a party I love to have a bit more expression.

The packaging from Boho Green Cosmetics

Recyclable, ecofriendly, yet it does look cute and stylish. I also like the fact that only the essential packaging is kept. Boxes? Nope, just the mascara and that’s it! What more do you actually need. Exactly, nothing. If you think that you get less product, you are wrong it’s just because only the necessary part is kept.

The result from Volume and Green Mascara

I took a picture of myself wearing the mascara on one eye and left the other one clean. This picture is not edited, no filter is used this is just the result. So you can actually see that this mascara from Boho Green Cosmetics gives volume and length. I am really happy with the result. Great quality for only €13. I bet you pay more when you visit a MAC store, plus think about the bunnies people!

The verdict

Green? Check.
Length? Check.

Let’s say that I was really happy with the result. If you want to have green mascara that provides a high quality for a low price you have to check out this mascara. If you are from around Geel (Belgium, near Antwerp) I can inform you that your lucky. The Boho Green Cosmetics are only available at My Dear beautysalon. So follow her on instagram.

The days when green cosmetics were just for us hippies is long over. This brand is ideal for make up lovers with a heart for animals. Plus all these products are so much better for your own skin. It’s really a win win situation. This is a non-sponsored post, so you know this comes from the heart.




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