Lush Shampoo bar Montalbano

What’s in a name “Montalbano”, when other Lush products have a catchy name this one is rather hard to remember. Ok, I admit it I tried it because it smells amazing. I needed a new shampoo bar and I just took the one that smells the best. Montalbano was actually a pleasant discovery and probably became my favorite shampoo bar. Want to know why this heavenly bar is worth it’s price… keep on reading!

Montalbano, a divine smell

I still try to discover what on earth the name has to do with the product. When I google Montalbano I find out that it’s an Italian inspector with no hair and a region in Italy. Ok, let’s just skip the name. This little bar contains lemonjuice, green olives and rosemary. I guess it is the lemon smell that stole my heart. I am always going for this smell when I buy Lush. I absolutely can suggest you to just go to the store and smell the bar! You will just disvoer exactly what I mean with “divine”.
a picture of the Montalbano bar from Lush

Montalbano shampoo bar the facts

Rosemary cleans your scalp, olives will provide your hair to be more elastic en lemon provides the amazing smell. The lemon will also take off some color of your hair. For the blonds, this is a natural lightning product, if you are a brunette like me you will see some difference. If you just use it once a week you do not have to worry about this. The effect is the same as the sun, I might even say I think it was less effective. Another reason why I love this Montalbano bar is the cleansing effect. I love shampoos that clean my scalp and hair, downside you will have to use a conditioner. My hair felt more dry, but I have this with almost all shampoos. Conditioning is just part of my life. If you have greasy hair you will notice that this bar will take care of your hair.

The verdict

Montalbano is a great shampoo bar, the smell is amazing and it really gives your hair more shine. This product is vegan, not tested on animals and ecofriendly (no packaging).
A shampoo bar is just as easy to use as a regular liquid shampoo. How do you use it:
Rinse your hair and rub it on your scalp, it will create foam and you can wash your hair.
Let the bar dry after use and you will notice that it will last for a rather long time.

Normally you should be able to use a bar for 80 times. Honestly I never counted it, but I have the idea that the are long lasting. Making them great value for money (8€ a bar).
This bar is ideal to pack when you go on holidays because it is solid. Want to know more about the different shampoo bars, go to the page of lush overhere.



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