Random things that make me happy

Some people look for happiness in awkward, unreachable things. I try to find them more and more in every day things. Perhaps it’s my realistic side that overtakes my dramatic, romantic side. However I would dream about travelling the world, I lack money so unpossible right now. But this does not mean I wilo not stop dreaming.

Random things that make me happy:
1) the smell after rain
Oh dear god, how I missed that! It was hot and dry for such a long day. I absolutely forgot how amazing nature smells after a great amount of rain.
2) my cat that starts purring on my lap
Just because they are always happy when they see me. No matter what!

3) coffee, tea and chocolate
How can you not like coffee or tea… in combination with a sweet piece of chocolate! If you want a break this is the combo! Oh and a muffin on special occassion. Absolutely love to just go for a coffee with a sweet thing.

4) a long hot bath with loads of foam
Call it a moment for yourself. Call it a necessary thing. My tub I will never trade you for a shower!
5) running in the woods
Just because nature is such an important part of my life. I always feel better after a moment between the trees.

6) new sheets that smell like powder washing soap
Oh dear heaven. Nothing is better as crawling in your bed with fresh sheets. If they are white and smell heavenly I almost feel like in an hotel! It puts a smile on my face.
7) hearing a song I love on the radio
And singing as hard and loud as possible. In public I will never sing, unless I am wasted. But I just get happy when I hear a song I love.
8) sleeping in
I love love love to sleep untill 8! At least. Waking up not having to do something in a hurry! L o v e it!
9) a great movie
Just putting on a regular movie and it turns out to be amazing!
10)having time to watch tv
In the evening, just being able to sit in my pj’s and enjoy some tv!

What are your favorite random facts that make you happy?


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