Slow fashion, choose well make it last

Hi Guys, today I wanted to present you my favorite Belgian slow fashion brands. With slow fashion I actually do not mean second hand. I mean that they are rather expensive, but they have a high quality level so they are long lasting. As my instramfeed is taken over by H&M, Zara, Primark and other chain fashion I find it more and more necessary to consume on another level.

Choose well make it last

I do not want to throw away my shirt after just one wash. I want my clothes to last and look good for years. More and more I want to be different by consuming better. Don’t expect me to go and buy Gucci. No I don’t have the money to buy at a high price. Here are some brands that you need to check out and how you can buy them.

Buy less and wait

Best tip has to be “wait for sales”. Sales are the moment when you can actually buy something expensive for a rather great price. Expensive brands often give 50% after one week. So it is worth the wait! Another great moment to keep in mind are the stocksales. Just like regular sales most brands do this twice a year. Follow your favorite brands on facebook to keep an eye on their pages for these dates. Often prices are even better than in sales. Outlet-stores are another thing that you need to visit. Just look for the collection from last year and you will actually be able to score amazing things for a low price.

My favorite Belgian Brands

Essentiel Antwerp

I can not ignore the fact that I love, love, love this brand. It is rather expensive but I scored already 2 shirts during the sales this year. Check out the website from this slow fashion brand here.  Amazing dresses, great shoes, awesome sweaters and even more beautiful bags. This Belgian brand is actually one of my favorite brands and they offer such great quality! I mean you will actually be amazed.
wearing an Essential Antwerp tshirt, favorite slow fashion brand

LN Knits

High on my wishlist for next winter is a piece from LN KNITS! This brand is slow fashion and even better FAIRTRADE! All items are handmade, high quality Alpaca yarn and no mass production. What more can you ask for. Prices are rather high, but you get an amazing piece. I do not own anything yet but the brand has intrigued me already for a couple of months. LN Knits means no child labor, no blood, nothing bad. Worth the investment. Check out the website for this amazing Belgian brand here.

La Fille D’O

We can wear loads of clothes, but what about lingerie! I always have been a fan of Murielle Scherre and her designs. She creates the most amazing bra’s and is a fighter for body acceptance. The background from the brand is written on this page. The products are produced in Belgian by women who earn a good wage. They are not exploited. They design, the background, the facts… Actually, why wouldn’t you support La Fille D’O?

Of course these are just a few brands that are worth the investment. All over the globe you have amazing brands that are of high quality. But at this moment I could actually say these are my favorites.

Do you know some brands that I need to know. SHARE WITH ME!

Wearing Essentiel Antwerp


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