Lille, a little city worth a visit

Hi guys, today I just finished my cityvisit in Lille- France. It’a city at 200 kilometers from my hometown. We just selected a cheap hotel and decided to go and discover. You know what they say “if we should stay in one place we would have roots instead of feet”.  So interested in getting to know the city of Lille… keep on reading.
Lille is actually a city divided into 2 pieces. We went to the old part called “vieux lille”. Why? Because it was described as the most beautiful part. I also was attracted to those lovely colorful houses. I guess old houses and a combination of cute little stores, restaurants and bars did the trick.

Our day out in Lille

A picture of houses in Vieux Lille

We went from the market into the streets and decided to just walk. We passed some buildings 3 times because we got a bit lost… but I believe it was a fun way to discover Lille. Actually we did not went shopping, you have a street full of wellknown stores but we avoided them. In Vieux Lille you have small stores with nice brands. No it’s nor all Gucci, you can actually shop here if you are on a budget!

A street corner in Lille (rijsel)

Calories don’t count in Lille

We had dinner in a nice Italian restaurant called ” les 3 bandits de Napoli”. Great value for money, my pizza was less than €10! We had 50cl of Italian wine for €16 and a bottle of water. For 2 pizzas and the drinks we paid €43! In the centre of Vieux Lille. I think this is not that expensive for a big city.

Pizza in Lille at les 3 bandits de napoli

Tips to discover Lille

When I think about this trip I can actually advise 2 things. Skip the new and go for the old part of town and don’t stay too long. We only went for an evening and another day and it was enough. It’s a nice city but not that special. Not the same as Paris, Antwerp or Amsterdam. The feeling in Vieux Lille is more a mix of a small French village combined with a touch of Paris. Oh and wear good shoes, heels in Lille are a no go.

Chambre du commerce in Lille
The verdict

Lille is a nice city, it’s grear for a day. Overal it’s less expensive than other cities. I have to say honestly I will not go back. It’s was nice, pretty but not that special.
This is another pretty picture from La Grand Place and the Old Stock Exchange.

The square of Lille

The old stock exchange in Lille


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