Bruges, between people and beautiful buildings

Hi guys. Another day, another city. Today I went to Bruges ( Brugge) in Flanders. It’s in my own country and I have not visited yet until today, although it is rather popular amongst tourist. Find out what I thought about Bruges in this blog.

Bruges is an old city, with amazing, beautiful buildings. Even more beautiful than Lille, read all about that city Here! I find it hard to describe Bruges. It has water, which I like, old buildings which I like too.. it has hot spots as Vero Caffee, Soup, Garre… which I like. But it also has tourists. Tourist in high amounts, horses that have to work for tourists too lazy to walk. You are starting to get my point here.

Love or hate in Bruges?

Yes you already understand my view. Bruges is pretty, it would be even more pretty without people. This was the view that I had when I first discovered Bruges, love ar first sight.

First meeting with Bruges

The story from Bruges

When we strolled by De Begijnhof and Minnewaterpark I still was in love. But the closer we went to the centre the more the tourism took over. Large groups, standing everywhere, listening to guides, just not looking at other visitors at all. Overal I might had to be aware of this issue before visiting this small town. But actually I did not feel like this at all in Amsterdam or Lille.

Geese in Bruges, a famous view

Tripadvisor is life!

Bruges will present you the best of Belgium. Beers, waffels, chocolats, you can taste it all in Bruges, but you will be poor after a visit. So check tripadvisor to learn the places you need to visit. Because Bruges has amazing good food and coffee-bars! Google Vero Caffee, Republiek, Soup and go for these places. Avoid the squares and busy places!

The shoppingstreet of bruges
Shopping in Bruges can be done, but I did not have the time not the intention to fins beautiful stores. Sorry I was not really into the whole place. Although it was actually really pretty. Perhaps we should not have come here in summer?

Beautiful canals of bruges
Tips to visit Bruges

Think about a hotel outside the city, less expensive and you can easily take a buss or bike to the city. Next avoid Bruges during Christmas, it might be beautiful but it will be crowded. The best thing you can do is to visit Bruges during the week.

If you love old historic buildings, you are into culture and musea this is your city! I did love the things I have seen, except for the horses. Sorry guys if you are too lazy to walk, rent a bike!  It was a bit too crowded but I can imagine strolling and dreaming here!


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