Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.

Hi guys, after some city-hopping I was actually glad to be home. No,  actually I was not happy to be home. It’s back to reality, I hate it. But I love the nature around my home. So today I went directly into the forest with my boyfriend. Why? To lose my mind and find my soul.

Into the forest for my workout

Working out in nature always feels so good. We went trailrunning for a few months, but my boyfriend got back-problems. I myself went over the top, injures my shins and was forced to cut back in my running schedule. Now I try to go for 7k or 8 k runs. Trying to go as much as possible in the woods.  Today it was too hot for a run so we went mountainbiking. It was the second time and I absolutely love it!

Into the forest, mountainbiking

Into the forest seems like a reward

I feel like I might have found a new sport to overcome summer. In winter I’m always snowboarding but in summer I feel rather lost. I love my workouts in solitude! No gym, no payments, no other people. Just me and the trees. Working out in nature has always felt more rewarding. Did you know it has more benefits than a normal gym workout.

Into the forest workout view

Benefits of a workout between the trees

The green landscape has the power to raise the serotonin level, increasing the level of well-being and lower depressions. When you work out in the sun you will have the daily dose of vitamine D your body needs. You might already guess it but there is more oxygen between the trees.

You might already guess the other reasons? No need to buy a membership each month. You can visit the forest for free, for a walk, a run, a bikeride or even yoga. No forest? Do your run, ride or yoga outside! Again, you will save money. Next up you don’t have to worry about others looking at you. No men pumping their muscles or girls that only weight 50kg. You can do it on your own, for yourself and at your own tempo. You can easily find great schedules online, so do not worry about progress.

Working out in this beautiful view will make you feel better, lose weight and sleep better! Yes please!

Do you workout in the gym? Or do you prefer an into the forest workout?


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