A beautiful day in Maastricht

Hi guys, I still have 4 days off before going back to work. Still scared to finish my 7 last weeks but I’m trying to be positive. So to clear my head my boyfriend and me went for 24h to Maastricht! Want to discover what I did.. keep on reading!

24h in Maastricht

We stay in Gulperland in Gulpen, near Aken and Maastricht. It is not in the center but we only paid 12€ on the website Vakantieveilingen. We already stayed one night and the hotel is really good. Nice, clean rooms with a safari themed room. We checked in at 14h00, dropped our bags and drove to Maastricht.

Hotel Gulperland near Maastricht
Our nice hotelroom

Shopping in maastricht 

Shopping happens in Wyck and in the center of Maastricht. I love to visit the Vans store (obvious sneakerfreak-issue), Lush, Hema and de Bijenkorf. All these and more stores can be found near de Grote Straat. If you want more specific stores just walk in the direction of Wyck. Nice danish looking stores, Ace and Tate, and vintage can be found here. Want to spend more head to the stokstraat, think Liu Jo, Shoebaloo, Prada.

De Maas, a famous view in Maaatricht
The river Maas seperate the city in 2 parts

Food in Maastricht

Let’s start with dessert. If you want afternoon tea or cupcakes. Go to TaarT in the Helmstraat.

TaarT in Maastricht
TaarT in Maastricht

Vegans can go to Kafethea in the Mariastraat. Here you can have coffee, tea and even vegan pastery! Yes this is a nice secret to know!

Kafethea in Maastricht
Kafethea, the vegan bakery from Maastricht

Drinks and Diner in Maastricht 

The best and most cute street has to be de Koestraat. A small street with an indian, italian, thai and more restaurants. We had cocktails at Rumors ( great for drinks). And I want to go back for Italian food in de Koestraat. If you walk to the end you will discover the spelt bakery from Maastricht ( bisschopsmolen).

The koestraat in Maastricht
The most cosy street in Maastricht. De koestraat.

Did you already visit Maastricht? After Bruges I was really happy to return here. People are more friendly in the Netherlands. I love it! 


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