The best homemade scrub

Hi guys, today I experimented with some homemade scrubs. You might have already come across everything with sugar but I wanted some "nourishing" aka moisturizing scrub. If you want to know the best combination for homemade scrub keep on reading.

Scrub each week

I always scrub twice a week. My skin and my body. This scrub is made for your body. I have not yet tested this on my face. I suffer from some pigmentation and I do not want to screw up my face more. You need to scrub once or twice a week to keep your body in the best condition.
Your skin will be smoother, you will have a more natural glow and it will just look more healthy. Get rid of the dead cells on your body and discover a nice, smooth skin!

The ingredients

I used oatmeal and coconut oil. Yes cheap as fuck and very efficient.
One cup of rolled oats and a few spoons of coconutoil. Actually I did not know the exact amount of oil I used but i just added coconutoil until I had a smooth mixture!
Put the oats in the blender add the oil and just blend. Pour it in a jar, store in the fridge and it will become hard. After you can store it in the bathroom.

How to use

You can just take a spoon to get the amount of mixture you need. Let it soak in a bit of hot water and start rubbing on your body. You will notice the coconutoil to become liquid again. You can also use this mixture just by dropping a few spoons in hot water. The coconutoil is an amazing moisturizer.

The verdict

This scrub is easy to make. It does not cost a lot. It is easy to store. When you are on a budget or just love to diy, this is your thing! Big plus it is vegan! Ofcourse this scrub is not as amazing as the rub rub rub from Lush but it is just great to use in between. I absolutely just love to try funny things like this sometimes.


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