Good morning not so much

Hi guys,

I just felt like sharing my emotions today. At 10h00 I will start my 7 weeks notice. I am both releaved and on a roller coaster.
My heart is happy to be gone at that place but acting normal and still do my best will be aweful!

I am stuck between just ignoring everything and breaking down on the floor. I do not want to have tears rolling down my face for this anymore. Heading back to this office just feels like the ultimate walk of shame that I have to do!

And I do not want that last part.
No head up high, put on lipstick and go. I just want to stay home and think about my future. Where to go and what to do.

I came home, due to the emotions I had trouble eating, but my friend at work told me I should try something. She even baked me brownies. I could not imagine being more happy with the support of the co-workers. They show me that I was not wrong, that I should keep my head high!

It was the worst day, but the support and sweet words helped a lot. I am going to miss these people. This part is what makes it hard for me. Because I was actually accepted by many!

I look forward to finish this chapter and move on. I believe that a closing is always a new beginning. What this might be, I do not know yet. No intention to stay in the current field! I might be good at it, but I don't love it. In the future I want to enjoy work, not for just a few months but until I am 67. 😏

So how did you survive your monday?? Was it much fun?


2 thoughts on “Good morning not so much

  1. Stay strong! You must know Alexander Graham Bell Quotes: When one door closes, another opens. He also remind us to be cautious: “we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us”.

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