3 things that beat being a couch potato

Hi guys, today is s great day to start a new habbit! Are you one of those who always lay in the couch after a hard day at work. It actually will not make you feel better. I selected 3 things that beat being a couch potato.

Work that booty you couch potato

It actually feels way better when you workout instead of just hanging on the couch. After a hard day at work nothing feels better than a nice bikeride between the trees. Yes I love nature and working out when the sun is out. You do not need to complete a 2h workout. You will already feel better after a short time.

Tip to avoid hanging in the couch: just immediately wear your workout clothes instead of your pyjamas.

Make a fresh dinner

Instead of eating a prepared meal in your couch, cook a fresh meal and eat it at the table. Cooking relaxes the soul and eating well will make you feel better. Prepare the dinner one day upfront and you will not loose time the other day. Ideal for a work out that day! I believe that if you eat well you will feel better but you will also be more motivated to work out.

No I do not always eat healthy, I have cheatmeals. Like this homemade pizza. The fun part is that you can add just what you like. Somedays I prepare juices in the evening, other days I bake bananabread.

Get out and socialize

Being home is not really motivating. Head to the park, meet a friend, go for a drink. Just go out and avoid staying home all the week. I believe that the more you are in your couch the more attached you get. Don't get me wrong, being home is amazing, but meet up with friends is even better. On a budget? What about a nice evening walk together before laying in your couch.

Do you know other ways to stay away from the couch? Feel free to share!


2 thoughts on “3 things that beat being a couch potato

  1. I find that taking a walk before dinner is great. On weekends, a long walk in the park is a nice option; I bring a good book along. But even if I’m not a couch potato, I find that I spend too much time in front of my computer. Does computer chair the same as couch potato?

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    1. I have the same feeling. I find spending time in front of my computer sometimes a waste, i tend to try to turn it off after a certain hour. Or go for a walk in the middle of my “computersession”

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