Dreaming of Italy: 3 places that I want to visit

Oh how I long for holidays, not that I need the rest but I love making plans and just start looking for pictures. Lately my heart is dreaming of Italy. It's so pretty, it looks amazing and you have so many places to go. Discover my top mustvisits in Italy. I have not been there yet but they are high on my wishlist. Pictures are from Pinterest this time.

Dreaming of Italy: Cinque Terre

Situated in Liguria these 5 small villages just trigger my creativity. The colors of the houses, the cliff, the history. As it part of the Unesco World heritage list you can imagine this is a rather popular destination. And although that last part scares me this part of Italy keeps attracting me. I have already wanted to go here twice. For some reason we always become a bit scared due to the high amount of tourists. Perhaps we just have to go and take the risk.

Dreaming of Italy: Puglia

Less known, this peace of paradise is situated in the south-east of Italy. Known for the wine and olives this already sounds like paradise. Old vineyards, historic buildings create that typical italian dreamimage. Cinque terre has buildings in different colors, puglia is more about clean white buildings. But the coast is amazing, this area has it all. Small villages, amazing beaches and wine!

Dreaming of Italy: Lake Iseo

Perhaps this is the least known location of this list but Lake Iseo is high on my list. Situated in Lombardia, an hour away from Milan you will not be in a place packed with tourists. You will have wine, nature and medieval castles. It's real close to Lagio di Garda. Visit the island in the middle, walk between historic houses and enjoy the Italian food.

Have you ever been in one of these places, share your tips and tricks!!!!


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