Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum to fight my dark spots

Hi guys, today I wanted to share my first impressions of the Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum. I have been "gifted" with dark spots ever since March, it did make me feel slightly less confident and I wanted to fight them. Suffered from sun-damaged skin too… keep on reading.

Caudalie vinoperfect serum

This serum is actually designed for every skin type. So if you have a sensitive, dry, oily or normal skin you can be sure that it will fit you. Not only does it fight dark spot it will also give you a healthy glow. Caudalie claims that dark spots will reduce (83%) and it will give you a more healthy, clear skin (87%). This product is ideal for all who have smoked in the past, have dark spot from pregnancy, sun-deprived or age-related spots and skin marks. Existing dark spots will correct dark spots and prevent your skin against new ones.
Secret ingredients are grapes!

How do you use this vinoperfect serum from Caudalie

You have to use this serum after cleaning and before your moisturizer. Caudalie has launched this serum first but now they have even designed a cleanser that is ideal as a first step. Well I did not buy that first step. 50€ is a lot for a cleanser, I did not even know if the serum worked so I decided to just stick to my normal cleansing routine. The pharmacist told me this was a light scrubbing creme so I just use a scrub ( Ocean Salt from Lush or Hema Facescrub). In the evening I clean my face with Angels on Bare skin ( Lush) or Dark Angels ( Lush). After I apply the Caudalie as described on the package and next I apply my moisturizer. Actually the pharmacist told me it might be better to just use a spf 50 in the future all year long. Perhaps I might give it a try.

The result after 2 weeks of using this Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum

The vinoperfect serum will "correct your complexion" in less than 4 weeks. Ok, I'm half way. Let's write a review. First I am always scared from new products. I have a rather sensitive, dry skin. Up until today I have no dry spots or acne at all! So this is a big plus. I am surprised by the little amount of serum that I need to use each time. I believe that this might be a big reason to buy it again in the future. This serum is easy to apply and has a rather neutral smell. I have a feeling that I have a more pretty glow and best part I even notice that my dark spots are getting lighter!

Here is the most beautiful picture of me ever. Believe me when I say, it used to ne worse. I actually already have more confidence and wear no foundation during the week.

The verdict

Caudalie does not test on animals, a big plus or I would not even bought this product. This is an all natural product, containing no parabenes or other minerals. More details can be found Here!
A bottle of serum costs around €49 a rather high price, but my skin has a better glow, looks more healthy and the dark spots are lighter. What more can I ask for? Exactly. I am even thinking about buying the moisturizer next time. This product has suprised me and did more than I expected.


3 thoughts on “Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum to fight my dark spots

  1. I like the Caudalie line and this serum in particular is one of my favourites. I found it to be effective but it definitely took a bit of time for it to work for me.


  2. Just having my first experience with this brand in form of sample micellar water. Don’t think I’d shell out the money for this, but I could see how it would be worth it for other products.


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