I long for the mountains: Trentino Italy

Hi Guys, I actually have a real crazy mood today. From happy, sad, lazy, to just numb, I decided to start googling for a holiday. Just because after my 6 weeks notice, yes it’s getting closer, I want to go somewhere to relax. Last year we did not go on summer holidays but this year I just want to go. I already wrote about Italy this week, read it here! But somehow I long for the mountains and my head screams for the Alps. So I found this amazing place called Trentino in the South of Tirol.

Just so you guys know all pictures are from Pinterest!

Trentino Italy a city in the mountains

This area in Italy is situated in the North, close to the alps and close to Lichtenstein is actually the regio known as South-Tirol. This area is well known in winter, which means that most hotels in this area are cheap in summer and have a wellness! This last one is really a thing I like because I want to go on a biking holiday, but I also want to relax. I was thinking about Cinque terre first, but I got scared of the amount of tourist. Next Trentino is only 1000 km from my home so we can easily go by car.
Trentino, Dolomites the mountains of Italy

Amazing views in Trentino

This area in Italy is known for Wine and the mountains. It’s the place where you visit the Alps and the Dolomites. Plus it offers a lot of lakes (Lake Prags, Lagio Di Molveno,..) so you can actually have a relaxing and active holiday at this place! Exactly what I was looking for. If you are looking for castles you can always visit Castel Thun, Tyrol or Beseno. And Trentino is also blessed with waterfalls. Yep this place is pretty amazing!
a small village in Trentino

Trentino the ideal mountain-area for us

After being all exited I started to inform my boyfriend about Trentino. I told him, we have to go here and actually it did not take long before he was convinced. All I need to know now is the village we will choose for our stay! All villages seem to have a mix between that typical mountain-style yet with a touch of Italian. I absolutely feel like I already fell in love.

The verdict

Trentino is the place to be if you like nature, mountains and cute little villages! Yet this place is blessed with good weather in the summer. Do you want an active holiday with the possibility to discover historic buildings, yes again Trentino is an option.


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