Why you should think before buying cosmetics !!

Guys, it might be a normal saturday evening but I just wanted to do something important. It might sound stupid but it is actually really important. Did you know that most cosmetics are still tested on animals? Are you buying Mac? L'oreal? Maybeline? Well if so you are supporting one of the most wrong things in the world.

Animal testing on cosmetics

Yes each day animals suffer because you want that MAC lipstick. Because you want to look good a bunny suffers, because you want long lashes a monkey is in pain. Because you think that you might look good, but no you don't. We all need to think before we buy.

The brands that you need to know

When you live in Belgium or the Netherlands I am glad to inform you that the best store is Hema. All products are animalfriendly, not expensive and great quality. They even have vegan brushes with the price of €6!
Next another store you need to visit is Holland and Barret! It is more expensive but the products are all animal friendly. All products from Catrice, Essence and Kruidvat are not tested on animals.
Up next Rituals, The Body Shop, Lush and Cime, all animal friendly. Less known but amazing skin care Louis Widmer, made in Switzerland and animal friendly.

Animal testing is not even legal anymore in the Uk and the Eu!

So next time you buy Mac, think. Because it's not worth it and you are not worth it!


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