3 of my favorite Body Shop Products

Hi Guys, today I wanted to continue with my animal friendly mission. I introduce to you my 3 favorite Body Shop products. They are actually all for your hair and I actually have searched for a long time after great hairproducts. Want to discover my favorite Body Shop products, keep on reading.

Number one of the body shop favorites

The Rainforest Moisture hair butter

This hairbutter saved my dry hair, I can not describe it in other words. Honestly I tried a lot of masks and this one keeps on returning as my favorite.  Once a week I apply it after washing my hair and I leave it in for as long as possible. The body shop says to just to only leave it in for 5 minutes, then massage with warm water and rinse. But I leave it in for as long as possible because the smell is heavenly. I can not describe the smell some claim it smells like a rainforest…But I have never visit one so how should I know. The smell is devine, just believe me on this one. My hair is easy to comb, it has a shine and it’s not greasy after using this mask. Every moment when I feel like my hair needs an extra boost I apply the rainforest moisture hair butter. Just believe me when I say, it does the trick. Your hair will be less dry, you will love the smell and it contains no silicones, colorants or parabens.
You can buy the mask in the outlet stores from The Body Shop for €7, in the regular store you will have to pay €12,50. Still less than most Lush masks.

More detailed information on this product can be found on this page.

Number two of the body shop favorites

 The ginger anti-dandruff shampoo

Yes I am blessed with dandruff whenever I get stressed. I actually find it strange but stress always gives me dandruff. So from time to time I look for a good dandruff shampoo. I have tried Alverde and it’s amazing (also very cheap), but only available in Germany. So I started searching for a great alternative and this Ginger was my favorite. I have tried Lush, not convinced. I absolutely love the ginger smell, it is rather strong so you might want to get used to it. The best part is that I absolutely feel like this cleans my scalp without drying out my hair. I don’t need to use conditioner after and that is such a difference with most products. After using this I feel like I can already see the difference within a week. I do not use it for every wash because this would be too strong.
I bought this shampoo in the outlet store for €7, normal price is €11.

More detailed information on this product can be found on this page.

Number three of the body shop favorites

The brushes and combs

Yes it might sound a bit crazy but these bamboo brushes are worth the purchase. I was always scared of breaking my hair with regular brushes and I use the combs from the body shop since already 7 years! I bought them together in a package at the airport once, a oval bamboo pin hair brush, the detangling comb and the styling hairbrush. I have been using them every since, just like my boyfriend who uses it to style his hair!
You can find more information on this page. Actually I did have to buy the styling brush again because it broke and I have to say, it was the first time that I really wanted the same brush again! 🙂 Only negative thing, you can’t easily remove the hair but the products just do the job perfect!


Please note that this is a not sponsored post, all products were purchased by me just because The Body Shop does not test on animals!



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