Mountainbiking eased the pain and cleared my head.

Hi guys, a few weeks ago I was completely in a runners high. Unfortunately I suffered from shin splints a real common injury in the runnerscene. Rest, icebaths, gels, nothing really releaved the pain and I had to cut back on running. From 15k to 7k. I felt like making no progress was so my boyfriend came up with mountainbiking.

Mountainbiking to ease the pain

So a few weeks ago I took my mom's old mountainbike and we were off for a first trip. After a few rides I decided to buy a more fancy second hand mountainbike myself and a new hobby was born. No backpain, no shin splints, no pain at all! Amazing to do sports without injuries again. I actually started to like mountainbiking. Only the bad part running burns way more calories. So we have to go riding a few times a week to stay into shape.

Mountainbiking to clear my head

You can imagine that working out clears my head. The last times I went running I noticed that I lost focus. My head was packed. Now I have to keep my focus on the road and enjoy the beauty of nature. Making it impossible to think about shit (aka work). I discovered that I actually live in a perfect place to go mountainbiking. Loads of small roads, woods, and silence. Yes because when I was running I needed playlists, now I need nothing. I enjoy the environment. It feels so much better.
Small plus, I feel that my clothes fit much better so yihaaa! 🤗🙂

No I do not do a massive amount of kilometers on a day, we tend to go for small rides at least 4 times a week. Each time we try to ride an hour. It's more easy to schedule in something that takes an hour instead of 4 hours!
And I actually like the fact that my boyfriend enjoys mountainbiking. It feels like we have finally found our thing to pass summer!

Ps notice how we wear no helmets yet, I still did not find the perfect one. Planning to buy one next weekend! Stay tuned!

Oh and yes my bike matches with my pants and gloves… fashionlover forever 😉


2 thoughts on “Mountainbiking eased the pain and cleared my head.

  1. I noticed right away that your bike matches your clothing. It made me smile. It is the kind of thing I would do. Some say that they wear whatever’s clean to workout, but I find that workout apparel is made from performance fabric, so it’s quick drying, it’s odor resistant… Hey, if I’m gonna sweat, please let it be with style. Nice post.

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    1. Yes indeed! So don’t even ask me about the helmet i have to wear when I go real downhill in the woods ! Not my thing! I like my sportoutfit fancy and comfortable. Not 5 times oversized or 2 sizestoo small๐Ÿ˜… and in a nice color. And it has to match ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡ oh the demands!

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