Balance in my head with my restdays

Hi guy, I used to be all about working out every single day. Well today was the first time that I actually fell like my legs were too heavy for a work out. I decided to do a few sit ups and in my head I found balance. Finally balance with my restdays.

The perk of being dedicated

Most of the time I feel amazing after a work out. That same feeling makes me hooked. Dedication. Working out every day was for a few months part of my life. Each morning or evening I needed time to work out. For some reason I called it “being dedicated”. But it’s not being dedicated it’s called “insane”. You do not have to feel bad after not working out one day.

Progress in my head

The fact that I am being able to rest, just hang in the couch and watch tv. Ok I did a serie of sit ups but it’s nothing compared to hitting the woods for a 5 k run. For the first moment in a long time I start to feel really good in my skin! Perhaps the Caudalie experience has something to do with it. But actually I do not mind feeling better at all 🤗.

Bookings booking bookings in August

Me and my boyfriend are going back to Amsterdam and we are going to Trentino. I know it’s a lot but we are going for budgetfriendly travels. Next year I want to start exploring more so my plan is to buy less and save more money. Especially when I am home without a job. I am convinced to save money. Amsterdam will be relaxing, Italy will be a complete workout holiday! I will not go shopping. I will just go to enjoy dinner, nature and new places!

I realised so much in July and I had my doubts. I got scared, scared about the future. But honestly we will just je fine. Perhaps we will to slow to in the citytripping, less powder-weekends… but I have discovered so much places the past year.

From Amsterdam, Lille, Courchevel, Meribel, Les Arcs to Italy in September. What a crazy year. I blogged so much, got rewarded on awesome ways… some people may only dream of. I keep this close in my head! Positive things happen to people who think positive things!


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