3 things I love: Sunsets, nature and mountains

Hi guys,
I was scrolling through my pictures and I discovered some amazing pictures that I have not shared with you all! I actually concluded that you could say I love 3 things I really love. Sunset, nature and mountains. Yes my pictures contain snow, flowers, animals, woods, sea,… it actually looks like a long vacations.

Did you know that if you think about 3 things that are free and make you extremely happy… what does pop up in your head? Think of those moments whenever life knocks you down!

I love sunsets

Each time I'm at the beach I try to score that perfect "sunset" picture. Because it amazes me how the sun just disappears in the ocean. From Cannes to the Belgian coast my boyfriend always has to go to the ocean with me when the sun goes down! Call it the downside on living with a blogger. Every adventure, journey, or whatever has to be captured!

I love nature

Sometimes I just stop my workout because I spot magic. Nature really takes my breath away and I can easily come to rest while just biking in between the trees. Flowers, animals or plants I love it all. I dream of a little house between the trees, loads of flowers and nothing but silence. Perhaps it sounds anti-social but I can really enjoy the peace of the woods.

I love the mountains

August, my heart screams "snow"! How I miss it, it is starting to feel like a real emo-story now. A heartbreak, because I can't enjoy the thing I love the most. That first moment on top the mountain. The first line in fresh powder snow. That silence noise when I go boarding. Oh fuck, I miss it like crazy. And no matter how much I can try to "think I don't need it" I just realise this is my one and only true "need". The clothes, the holidays, the food, it can all suck but my snowboard and mountains oh my.. can't leave without them!

Guys it's 6 more months till december. Count down please! Haha you must think I am crazy, but I am not. I know the feeling in the picture above just makes me scream! That joy! Others say money brings happiness, but for me it's snow! Whenever I feel happy I scroll through pictures and i can smile again!

So no matter how bad a situation can be, whenever I try to be in one of these places I feel at ease. My head relaxes, back in my wonderland!


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