The dress of this season is called The Delphine Drape

Well, after wearing dresses more often and being invited to a special occassion I started to search for the perfect dress. My perfect dress needs be casual, yet chique, stylish, yet fashionable and if possible a bit sporty and a bit bohemian. The demands are high, the funfact I found the ideal dress actually in 2 weeks!

The Delphine Drape by French Connection

This pretty dress comes in 2 colors, rusty red and dark blue. And the rusty color might pop out more, I do think the blue one is a safer option. More easy to style and combine. The Delphine Drape is long, making it boho and chique. But thanks the options are endless. Wear this dress with heels or sneakers depending on your mood. I prefer sneakers, making the look less chique and more casual.

The Delphine dress as a shirt

The imagine that convinced me came from the instagrampage of French Connection. The dress was worn as a shirt. I loved it! This has not popped up in my head yet and I was already thinking about the options! I can wear my dress to more occassions " once as a dress, the other time as a shirt". Streetstyle credibility: check!

The following picture is from the french connection website. Here you can order the dress, and discover so much more pretty clothes!

Just click Here!

Why should you invest in the Delphine dress

This dress can be worn on 2 ways, making it an amazing investment piece. Next you can wear it for multiple occassions, go for streetlook with sneakers or work with heels and look amazing! If you are just as short as me, this dress has the perfect length. No need to make it shorter. The split makes it easy to move, ideal for a night out! This dress should be in your suitcase for every citytrip.

Not convinced about the long dress? This print is also available in an A-line dress that fits every bodytype. Honestly, I fell in love from the moment I saw it in stores. Can't wait to show it to you guys later this month🙈!


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