Amazing first time tattoos

Hi guys, it’s been a long long long while since I posted some amazing tattoos and here I am with a new post. These tattoo designs are from Pinterest and they are ideal for people who want to have a first time tattoo. Not too big, nothing you can regret and especially for people who love to have a special piece.

A lady as a first tattoo

These two ladies are ideal to have as a tattoo. The design is in black and white so you don’t need to be scared about the colors in the future. This designs can be placed anywhere, from your legs, arms to your back. A head in the clouds is always a great idea. I am a huge lover of this design.

Animals for a first time tattoo

Seriously how can you not love animals and when you see the designs that I found you will melt completely! Yes the following designs are cute and nothing you can ever regret. The artist who designs these cute little tattoos is Ann- Marie, you should follow her on instagram @Marieausparis. She is German and she create cute tattoos. Her specialty are old school tattoos. A style that I can really appreciate because it survived all the hypes and is still going strong!

amazing first time tattoo design

Flower hearts for a first time tattoo

I actually have a thing with heart-tattoos. I already have a big heart with my cat, but I have so much more heart-tattoos in my head that I want. Why? Because hearts are a sing of love, and what could be more important than love? Exactly nothing! Let love rule! Now I am also a big fan of flowers and for you guys I searched for the ultimate combination. Here are two lovely flower/heart tattoos. The left one is a big bigger but the one on the right is rather small. So if you want something easy to hide, go for the one on the right!


Traveljunkies go for these first time tattoos

If you want to show the world you passion for traveling these are your tattoos. Every person with wanderlust should think about a little piece of the world on their body. The simple designs are everybody who is still in doubt to get a tattoo. The more detailed design is actually a real amazing tattoo. It’s a yin/yang symbol with my 2 favorites things ever. A mix of the mountains and the sea, which you can discover here!

Hope you liked the designs I found for you guys! Enjoy the weekend and feel free to share your ideas.

Thank you for reading!


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