My 3 favorite package free Lushproducts

Hi Guys, another 3 favorites is here. Today I wanted to inform you on 3 Lushproducts that I love and that are ecofriendly. They have no package and they are animal friendly. I found it so hard to choose 3 Lushfavorites so I went for the package free options first.
Curious about the package free products that I love and that you need to know about?
Well keep on reading!

My 3 favorite package free Lushproducts

Package free favorite number one Coalface

Coalface is a facial cleanser, packed with charcoal and sandalwood oil! This one is one of my favorites because it slightly exfoliates the skin, depending on how long you keep it on. Plus it also reduces redness and keeps your skin in balance. Be warned, using this one too much it might dry out your face so I always go for once a day. Mostly this is my morning-product because it’s so easy to use. Just rinse your face and rub the bar over your skin. I massage it in and rinse again with water. You will fresh right after using this piece. The reason why I actually bought this one? Because it fights black heads like no other product! Once a week I just put it one my nose for more a while. Let’s say between 5 and 10 minutes. Ever since cleaning my face with Coalface this way I feel like the amount of blackheads is reduced.
Warning, don’t overuse this product because it does dry out your skin. So make sure you moisturize well! I combine it with the Caudalie Vinoperfect serum and my skin has not dried out yet.
Want to know more about Coalface, click here.

Coalface my lushfavorite package free product

Package free favorite number two Montalbano

Actually I just did a review on this number two. Just click here to read the full details. Montalbano has to be my favorite shampoo bar from Lush and I think I tried them all. This one still awakens my senses when I open my tin and I still feel so happy when I start rubbing it on my hair. My scalp feels so clean and my hair has more glow whenever I use Montalbano. Plus I love package free shampoos, these shampoo bars are so easy to take on holidays. No need to be scared about it drooping all over your bag, it is less heavy and you can even cut off a piece if you want. Travelling light is this easy with a shampoo bar!

montalbano, my second package free lushfavorite

Package free favorite number three Layer Cake Soap

This soap, is by far my favorite soap from the entire Lush store. It smells like lemon, oranges and comes in different colors. It feels like you are washing with a rainbow. Especially in the morning this soap wakes me like nothing else. I guess you can say nothing much about how you can use this bar or when and why… the only clear fact is that this soap has the smell I love. Lemons, oranges, fruits, not sweet at all, ideal to feel awake in the shower! Each piece has a unique combination of colors, so it makes it more fun. Mine has no red at all, it’s all green and yellow. This one is my and my boyfriends favorite so this one always is packed in our travelbag.


Fun fact about these 3 package free options, the are all VEGAN! So for all you vegans out there these are great products and I love every single one of them. When you keep in mind that these products are animalfriendly and ecofriendly you feel immediately better. The Lushproducts might be high in price, these products are really budgetkillers. I feel like they last forever. I still did not use half of my coalface over half a year. The soaps go for a long time and you can wash around 80 times with one shampoo bar!

Did you already tried one of these package free products? Share your opinion below!


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