3 reasons why you should book a skin treatment

Hi guys, since a few months I am actually going to the beauty salon for my skin! Yes each 8 weeks it's me-time. My skin gets a complete treatment and actually it's something everybody should do. I found 3 reasons why you should go to the salon for a treatment.

Reason number one: you deserve it!

I always believe that no matter what you deserve me-time. I try to schedule one appointment each 8 weeks. Those 90 minutes are the best ever. It's not like exercising, I feel reborn and relaxed. That massage, that glow after and the fact that my brows are one fleek make me so happy!

Reason number two: you can't diy!

The massage you get, nope you can not do it yourself. Believe me, it is far more relaxing when somebody else gives you a complete treatment. In between appointments I always go for a short scub, I put on a mask, but it's not the same. I don't have a steaming machine, I don't lay on a couch when I put on a mask… it's just not the same!

Reason number three: your skin will thank you!

Yes that glow, less pores, a soft skin, nothing feels better than comming home after a skin treatment. I believe that the effect last far longer than with a diy. It's much more easy to keep your eyebrows on point after a treatment. You can never do it as good as a pro! Oh and that hot towel treatment, in your home it's a mess, you just need somebody that assists you.

I always go to My Dear, this is the animal friendly beauty salon in Belgium. Click the link for more details. She offers the best treatment ever. I feel so relaxed. I was so happy to learn to know this place.

Products that are being used during my treatment are from Naobay.


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