Don’t tell your daughter

When it comes to having a child I have to be honest I have no experience but I don't have one. But the last couple of days I noticed that mothers can be rather hard for their girls. Here is my advise, even if I don't have a daughter myself. Dear mothers all over the world don't tell your daughter she does not look like you wanted her to be.

Last weekend I was working at a sales and loads of mothers passed by with their lovely daughters. Nothing more fun than a mother-daughter moment but what I heard sometimes broke my heart. From "she has rather fat legs" to "she has an ass like mine". And although I immediately told the girls "you are fine… it's not fat", I could easily imagine that those kind of words would hurt. Telling a stranger that your girl her legs are too bulky is not ok.

So please keep in mind…

Dont tell your daughter

She is fat.
She has a big ass.
Her tummy is too big.
She is ugly.
She is stupid.
She will never reach anything.

Try not to judge your child. It might sound stupid to come from a childfree person but why would you say "her ass is big" to me? Fuck it. Let her try on the jeans, the dress if it doesn't fit just say "sizes are not really all that". If it fits, it's great. But why are we judging a young girl on things she might start to dislike herself. Or perhaps she already dislikes them?! What if your daughter is so unconfident she might develope an eating disorder. She might become insecure. She might start doubting her own body. Her own imagine. She might lose the self-love that is so important.

Dont tell your daughter

Anything that might start her to hate her own body!
Because nothing is worse than having to "learn to love yourself again". Being 30 and still fighting a battle that is so hard, it's not easy. I do not hate my mother for focussing on her body her entire life and mine. But it was and still is not easy. My mother is the most important person in the world, but her focus on weight is so wrong. I wish she could see that she is perfect herself. Insecurties are aweful at each age!!

Tell your daughter

That health is more important than weight! That exercising is healthy, but don't force her into something she does not want. That modelbodies are not for everyone! That famous people do get photoshopped. That healthy food reflects in a beautiful, healthy body.

Tell her you love her no matter her size!

Don't be so hard. This world can use more love.


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