My favorite picture of the week: Antwerp in the middle

This weekend was packed. I was working all weekend long. On Friday I worked on my blogs, on Saturday I was working on reggae Geel and on Sunday I sold clothes. My Sunday ended in Antwerp….where I took my favorite picture that I called "Antwerp in the middle".

Antwerp in the middle

I was working to gain experience in the fashion-industrie all day long. In the evening I had tickets for a concert from the Swedish band "Goat". In between I went to 't Eilandje to have an amazing vegetarian burger and this is where I took this picture.

The picture is taken around 19h00, it's actually between 't eilandje, famous for the MAS and 't Zuid. You look directly on the Havenhuis (porthouse). The newest tourist attraction in Antwerp. The Londenbridge is open at the moment and you look into the infinite.

It's the ideal middle between Antwerp the city and Antwerp the Port. Havenhuis is directly at the biggest port of Belgium. Antwerp has an amazing harbour and if you have a chance you should visit it! You will be amazed!

Antwerp in the middle without filter

This is the picture taken with my Iphone without a filter. I believe that the most beautiful pictures don't need a filter. Often situations are not perfect and you can easily add a filter. Ok an Iphone is not the best camera, but you always have it with you and the camera evolved so much! It's easy to take with you,not that big an investment as you can use it as a phone too.

Antwerp in the middle with filter

The sky is a little bit more pretty. Other colors are more colder. I always just add the samen filter on instagram. It's called Clarendon. By using the same filter I try to make my feed more pretty.

Which one do you like most? With or without filter? Did you ever went to Antwerp? How did you like it!?


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